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How What Your Butt is Doing Could be Related to Your Pain or Pelvic Floor Symptoms

Hey, what's your bum doing right now? So bold of me to ask, I know, but it relates to one of the tools we have available to us when we are wanting to manage core and pelvic floor symptoms. I'm talking about alignment. . Our alignment is our posture - the way our body is when standing, sitting, and in movement. While we want to be able to move through our day freely and not-over think this, we all have a tendency to be in a certain position. If we are experiencing symptoms, changing it up and exploring "living" and exercising in other positions can be helpful. Bum gripping. So many of us, especially moms, squeeze our bums all day long! Our glutes are our core’s best friend and help stabilize our pelvis. If we are squeezing our bums all day, they may have difficulty doing their job. It can be helpful to notice bum gripping and consciously try to relax.

Bums tucked under (exaggerated in the photo on the right.) You can almost imagine me holding a baby on my hip or carrying that heavy bucket seat, can't you? When our pelvis is aligned this way all day long, it can be tough for our core and pelvic floor to re-learn to function in a way that supports us. Notice your alignment (sometimes taking pictures can be helpful.) What are your tendencies? How do you feel if you untuck your bum and bring your ribs down over your hips (rib stacked position, shown on the left?) Can you connect your core and pelvic floor more easily in this position? Do you feel more supported? We don't need to obsess about our posture all day by any means but exploring different ways to move can help us add tools to our toolbox to relieve symptoms and re-train our core and pelvic floor.


Want to talk about or learn more about the pain or symptoms you're experiencing in life or exercise? Book a free strategy call with me and let's chat!

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