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I'm Not the Mom Who Likes Playing With My Kids

When I see the dinky cars, dolls, or Little People come out, I all but hide and hope that don't ask me to sit on the floor and join them. I'm not the mom who likes playing imagination games with her kids. I'm not the mom who does crafts. I'm not the mom who bakes their favourite muffins while they're at school. I'm not the mom who has a schedule that allows me to regularly volunteer in the classroom. I'm not the mom who attends coffees, hosts playdates, or goes to mom and tot dance classes. I'm not the mom who has her kids in all the activities. I'm grateful to be a stay-at-home mom but I struggle with it (a lot), I don't always love it, and work helps me keep it together. What I am is the mom who will let them stay up late to play a board game. I am the mom who will let them pick every book off the shelf and read them all. I am the mom cheering the loudest at the game and making them laugh with goofy voices and silly kitchen dance moves. I am the mom who can make a pretty cake and is intentional about traditions. I am the mom who will notice your efforts and praise you. I am the mom who will belt out their favourite song with them and has constantly has music flowing through the house. I am the mom who prioritizes free play, family, one-on-one and down time. I am the mom who will always be honest, have hard conversations, admit I don't always have the answers, and do my best to apologize when I'm wrong. You don't need to be some one else's mom. Whatever kind of mom you are, you are their mom and that's all they need you to be. To love them and show up as you are.The sooner we realize and unapologetically accept the kind of mom we are, the clearer and more peaceful motherhood becomes.


Helping moms to take who they are and the time and energy they have to give and turn it into a healthy lifestyle is what I do. We talk mindset (stop living in "all-or-nothing" land,) practical tips to get that workout in with your toddler clinging to your leg, and how to make sure a vegetable lands in your mouth at some point during the day.

Set up a free strategy call and let's talk about options to get you started feeling the way you used to feel (and better.)

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