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What You Can Do Instead of Waiting for For Success on Monday

Monday has that fresh start feel that so many women look for when they want to start making some progress on their goals.  The thing is, being a Monday is no guarantee that anything is going to be different. It's going to be the same-old-same wild morning. You'll wake up tired, possibly dreading that "mommmmmm" shriek that means it's time to get-up, wondering where your weekend went. You'll frantically throw clothes and food at people, forgetting that you yourself still haven't eaten. You'll end up going through the McDonald's drive-through for breakfast, cramming it in your mouth as you try to be on time for the next item on the agenda. At some point in the chaos, you'll realize it's 2:00 and you haven't eaten lunch either. You'll end up back at home, absolutely starving. At this point, you'll over-do it on dinner and proceed to snack your stress away on the couch. You won't be able to make yourself get up and do that workout you promised yourself you'd do so you'll decide to keep binging Cheer, telling yourself that Tuesday is as good a day as any to start. *repeat for the next year*  Unless you don't do that.

Unless you choose to do differently.  The one thing you can do to stop this cycle is to plan to succeed.  What does that mean?

That means not waking up and just expecting Monday to be different.

It means understanding that there is never going to be a better time or a less busy day. Life is going to continue as always and it's how you handle it that will bring you closer to or further way from your goals.

It means setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can make yourself some eggs before running out the door.

It means prepping your lunch in advance today.

It means stopping to pick-up nutritious snacks that you can have at home tomorrow.

It means taking a realistic look at your calendar and choosing a time for your workout, letting your partner know so they can watch the kids if necessary, and not allowing yourself to sit down in front of Netflix until it's done.

If you want to make sure that you get started on your goals on Monday, take a step-back today before the regularly scheduled craziness of life sets in and make a plan.

What's one thing you can do today to choose for Monday to bring you closer to your goals?

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